Actual Craft Time v0.5.9

Display actual craft times for assemblers, furnaces and rocket silo

Stand: 09:43:26 30.08.2023
Advanced Fluid Handling v1.1.2

<Now has advanced pipes for Space Exploration use>
--Adds I, L, T, and Cross underground pipe extensions.
--Adds pipes to ground with I, L, T, and Cross shaped underground outputs that are able to be rotated independent of the above ground port.
--Adds an Underground pump.
--Adds adjustable fluid valves (check, overflow, top-up).

Stand: 09:35:31 30.08.2023
Angel's Addons - Storage Options v0.0.10

Adds pressure tanks (extremely large tanks), warehouses and silos.

Stand: 09:44:39 30.08.2023
Arson v0.2.2

Live in constant fear of your factory burning down.
A forest isn't the only thing you can set on fire now.
This mod makes some flammable stuff like coal on belts burn!
Some items will even explode!

Stand: 07:48:46 10.09.2023
Auto Deconstruct v0.3.7

This mod marks drills that have no more resources to mine for deconstruction.

Stand: 11:28:02 09.09.2023
Automatic Train Painter v1.2.0

Automatically colors locomotives and wagons based on their contents.

Stand: 07:48:46 10.09.2023
Big Laser Turret v0.1.3

Adds a Big Laser Turret

Stand: 07:43:04 10.09.2023
Bob's Adjustable Inserters v1.1.7

Adds hotkeys and a GUI to adjust inserter pickup and drop locations.

Stand: 07:48:46 10.09.2023
Constructron-Continued v1.0.75

An automated Spidertron;
has the ability to move, set logistic requests, construct, deconstruct, repair and upgrade entities/blueprints of any size, anywhere on the map with items from your logistic network for the ultimate fire and forget automation and megabase quality of life experience with unmatched scaling potential.

Stand: 07:48:47 10.09.2023
Deadlock Stacking for Omni v2.4.2

Add stacked items for Omni

Stand: 09:47:25 30.10.2023
Deadlock's Stacking Beltboxes & Compact Loaders v2.4.2

Adds minimalist 1x1 loaders and stacking beltboxes for 5x belt compression for ores, plates and some intermediate products

Stand: 09:43:36 30.10.2023
Death Counter v1.0.7

Tracks the ways you (and your friends) have died

Stand: 09:35:22 30.08.2023
Even Distribution v1.0.10

Modifies CTRL + Click Drag to evenly distribute the items over multiple buildings.

Also adds Inventory Cleanup hotkey (SHIFT+C) which evenly distributes unneeded items from inventory into nearby machines.

Stand: 09:35:23 30.08.2023
EvolutionThroughResearch v0.1.5

The evolution value of enemies is equal to the ratio of how much science you have finished.

Stand: 09:35:23 30.08.2023
Explosive Biters v2.0.5

This mod adds a nest of explosive aliens and worms! These aliens will explode on death (area damage) and spread fire.
Fire spitters are also deadly burning everything! And if you see their Mother, run, run for you life! Say goodbye to your walls! Good luck! Note:Autoplace configured for hot areas found in alien-biomes mod.

Stand: 09:35:23 30.08.2023
Factorio Library v0.12.9

A set of high-quality, commonly-used utilities for creating Factorio mods.

Stand: 09:35:24 30.08.2023
Factorio Reach v2.7.1

Provides the player with a long/far reach for complete access to items, ores and trees across the entire visible play area.

Stand: 09:35:23 30.08.2023
Factorio Standard Library v1.4.8

The Factorio Standard Library is a project to bring Factorio modders high-quality, commonly-required utilities and tools.

Stand: 09:35:30 30.08.2023
FiftyShadesOfGames Twitch-Channel-Points v0.1.11

A Mod to work with Twitch-Channel-Points. Needs additional software.

Stand: 09:35:23 30.08.2023
Fill4Me - errors fixed v0.10.1

A Factorio mod to automatically insert fuel and/or ammunition into entities when you place them. Forked to fix error logs.

Stand: 09:35:23 30.08.2023
Frost Biters v1.1.4

Adds a nest of Frost Aliens and Worms! These aliens will cause frost damage, and may launch a frost cloud over your factory. Defeated aliens will drop artifacts that can be further processed into weapons and armors (optional).
With Alien-biomes, nests will only spawn in cold areas.

Stand: 16:56:54 29.10.2023
Ghost Counter v1.2.1

Generate a list of all ghosts in your selection area or the blueprint in your cursor using the shortcut button or hotkey (default: Alt+G). Find out what you have in your inventory, and conveniently make one-time logistic requests for everything you need.

Stand: 09:35:24 30.08.2023
Handy Hands (Refactored) v1.2.0

Based off the mod `` by Qon, but will hopefully not hit UPS so hard. Only one player is processed per nth_tick (60 ticks per scan, see startup setting). By default 5 items will be crafted at a time (can be changed in player settings)

Stand: 09:35:24 30.08.2023
HeroTurrets v1.1.21

Turrets are built using salvaged self-learning AI tech from your ship allowing them to get deadlier with practice.
Extends turrets via ranking system based on kills.
Turrets generated so not limited to vanilla, identifiable by overlaid rank insignia.
Rank buffs individual turrets.

Stand: 09:35:24 30.08.2023
Improved Research Queue v0.4.21

A better GUI for managing the research queue. Unlimited size, move technologies up and down, automatically add prerequisites, filter & search technologies, pause/unpause, estimated time to completion, and more!

Stand: 09:35:30 30.08.2023
Inbuilt Lighting v20.1.12

Adds free lighting to power poles and optionally turrets as a QOL feature. Intended for map/zoomed out view and streaming/YouTube pre night vision. Blueprint friendly as they are regular power poles.

Stand: 09:35:25 30.08.2023
Informatron v0.3.4

The helpful information directory and guide to the galaxy. Allows mods to put help and documentation pages in game. Default hotkey is I.

Stand: 09:35:25 30.08.2023
Inventory Repair v19.1.0

Repairs damaged items in your inventory automatically over time with repair packs.

Stand: 09:35:25 30.08.2023
Jetpack v0.3.13

Lets you build jetpack equipment that lets you rocket at high speeds to fly over buildings and water.

Stand: 09:35:25 30.08.2023
Liborio v1.1.01

Common library for various factorio mods

Stand: 09:35:25 30.08.2023
Long range delivery drones v1.0.6

They deliver things far far away

Stand: 07:48:47 10.09.2023
Lovely_santa's library of knowledge v2023.03.24

Library used by mods created by lovely_santa

Stand: 09:35:26 30.08.2023
MSP - 30 new Science Packs v6.1.2

--DISCLAIMER: I did not create this mod I just increased the factorio version and added a fix mod--
Play with 30 new science packs and a new technology tree (if omniLib enabled) that adds efficiency tech to the various science packs. This mod is not an extension to lovely_santa's mod by a similar name. It adds 30 science packs but they are all pretty inexpensive. A TON of customization exists for the mod and individual packs can be disabled or have their output levels tweaked. Mod integration engine designed to add pack types to entire tech tree (only applies to technology that can be traced back to vanilla tech). Optional inclusion of omniLib enables new tech tree that unlocks various levels of efficiency tiers for each pack that will auto-update machines when research completes.

Stand: 09:47:25 30.10.2023
Module Inserter Extended v6.1.2

Mass insert/remove modules into machines with construction robots

Extended updates include: Default module configurations; Update ghost module requests; Crash/bug fixes

Stand: 09:35:26 30.08.2023
Nanobots: Early Bots v3.2.19

Early ghost building robots, A special nanobot gun automaticly revives blueprint ghosts near you if you have the items in your inventory. Also reprograms personal construction bots to deconstruct items on ground.

Stand: 09:35:26 30.08.2023
Omnicrystal v3.2.19

Adds crystalline branches for technology

Stand: 09:47:27 30.10.2023
Omnienergy v3.2.19

Start with burner labs, inserters and assemblers, slow belts, and limited access to fuel. Research electricity with a new science pack and better fuel refining methods up to renewable energy.

Stand: 09:47:28 30.10.2023
Omnilibrary v3.2.19

A collection of functions that omnimods are using.

Stand: 09:47:26 30.10.2023
Omnimatter v3.2.19

This mod condenses all ores into a single ore from which everything is extracted.

Stand: 09:47:27 30.10.2023
Omniscience v3.2.19

Adds difficulty by changing science costs.

Stand: 09:47:29 30.10.2023
Omniwater v3.2.19

Adds water extraction from omnite

Stand: 09:47:29 30.10.2023
Omniwood v3.2.19

Adds a wood production method for omnimatter

Stand: 09:47:30 30.10.2023
Picker Atheneum v1.2.5

Library Files for the Picker family of mods.

Stand: 09:35:26 30.08.2023
Picker Dollies v1.2.6

Move most placed entities quickly and easily.

Stand: 09:35:26 30.08.2023
Picker Extended Version v4.1.4

Enhances the players pipette tool with features such as quick blueprints, quick planners, ghost reviving, entity moving, orphan finding and more

Stand: 09:35:27 30.08.2023
Pumps on Landfill v0.1.0

Allows pumps to be placed on landfills, making mistakes with landfills less costly, but doesn't make things easier in a way like waterfill.

Stand: 07:48:48 10.09.2023
QCraft v0.1.6

This mod allows you to begin crafting items that are under your cursor, either as an entity placed in the world, a ghost entity, or an item in your quickbar:

Stand: 09:35:27 30.08.2023
Quality of Life research v3.3.3

Adds bonuses and optionally research for bigger bags (more inventory space), movement/walking/running speed, character hand crafting speed, long reach (optional far resource reach), and player mining speed.
Use settings to choose which ones you want, either through research or by just choosing a value yourself.

Stand: 09:35:27 30.08.2023
RPG System v1.3.4

This mod adds a basic RPG system to the game (XP, level-up and skills)

Stand: 09:35:29 30.08.2023
Railway Motor Car v0.4.1

Adds a railway motor car as an equipment to ride the railway without placing a locomotive manually.

Stand: 07:48:49 10.09.2023
Rate Calculator v3.1.2

Calculate maximum production and consumption rates for the selected machines.

Stand: 09:35:28 30.08.2023
Recipe Book v3.5.3

Search for information about machines, materials, recipes, and technology in a clean, easy-to-use interface. Similar to FNEI and What is it Really Used For.

Stand: 09:35:28 30.08.2023
Resource Spawner Overhaul v6.2.23

Overhauls resource spawning system.

Stand: 09:35:29 30.08.2023
Rusty's Locale Utilities v1.0.16

A set of helper functions for resolving proper localised names and descriptions of prototypes, including recipes and items. There are also utilities for resolving prototype icons, because why not?

Stand: 09:35:29 30.08.2023
Shortcuts for 1.1 v1.1.28

Adds a host of useful shortcuts to improve QOL. Shortcuts for:

- Toggles for equipment and personal logistic requests
- Artillery remote and an artillery cannon fire toggle
- Environment deconstruction planner
- Spidertron settings, spidertron remote and train manual mode
- Rail block visualisation, player lamp, customizable grid overlay and far zoom
- Shortcuts for various other mods

Original mod by npc_strider (morley376):

Stand: 09:35:30 30.08.2023
Speed Control v1.0.21

Adds six buttons to increase or decrease the speed of the game. Hot Keys: (Minus / Plus / Shift+Minus / Shift+Plus / Alt+Minus / Alt+Plus)

Stand: 09:35:30 30.08.2023
Squeak Through v1.8.2

Allows you to walk between what used to be obstacles such as directly adjacent solar panels, pipes, steam engines, mining drills, and chests. No more frustration when walking about your base!

Stand: 09:35:30 30.08.2023
Where Is My Body v1.1.3

Death happens. The mod shows the lines between you and your dead corpses

Stand: 09:35:31 30.08.2023
YARM - Resource Monitor v0.9.7

This mod helps you to keep track of your mining sites, with useful data such as the percent mined, and estimated time to depletion.

Stand: 09:35:31 30.08.2023
trainsaver v0.0.24

trainsaver creates a dynamic screensaver which follows trains as they drive around from station to station.

Stand: 07:48:49 10.09.2023